Swatching on the Double Bed

Swatching on the Double Bed Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Swatching for a double bed fabric is the same as swatching single bed fabrics.The goal is to mark a specific number of stitches and rows in the middle to see full description

Troubleshooting Tips - Ribbing

Troubleshooting Tips - Ribbing Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Oops! Mistakes happen ... practice ripping out rows, re-positioning the carriages and fixing jammed carriages when knitting with your ribber.

Wire Weight Hanger (7 Hanger)

Wire Weight Hanger (7 Hanger) Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Wire weight hangers AKA 7 weight hangers are invaluable for adding additional weight to the edges when knitting with the ribber.

Double Bed Bind Off

Double Bed Bind Off Tutorial for Machine Knitting

How to bind off when working full needle rib, double bed jacquard, tuck rib or any double bed fabric. Use basic skills for a professional finish.

Easiest, Best Ribber Cast On

Easiest, Best Ribber Cast On Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Casting on with your ribber can be intimidating. Have you followed the instructions with your machine and not been happy with the results? Are there too many to see full description

Loopy Ribber Hem

Loopy Ribber Hem Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Simple 2 row trim, transferring stitches from the main bed to the ribber to create a delicate, lacy (loopy) edge.

Double Bed Pintucks

Double Bed Pintucks Tutorial for Machine Knitting

A nice edge on cuffs or the bottom of a jacket. Knitting full needle rib pintucks is a snap! One carriage setting and you can add texture and interest to your to see full description

Fence Post Hem (Double Bed)

Fence Post Hem (Double Bed) Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Firm, decorative hem using the ribber. Includes printable worksheet.

Small Scallops (Double Bed)

Small Scallops (Double Bed) Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Delicate scallops with transferred stitches

Jolie Unicorn Tool

Jolie Unicorn Tool Tutorial for Machine Knitting

This is one of those tools that you may see in a garage sale or in a box of machine knitting stuff and wonder what it is. The Jolie Unicorn allows to see full description

Elongated Stitches (double bed)

Elongated Stitches (double bed) Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Easy open work stitch pattern that produces a light and airy fabric. Beautiful on both sides, it can be used for scarves, shawls or inserts.Using the to see full description