Start to Finish - Simply Rectangles Waterfall Vest

Start to Finish - Simply Rectangles Waterfall Vest Tutorial for Machine Knitting

If you can knit rectangles, you can quickly knit this vest. It's a feminine design with a flattering shape for everyone. to see full description

Shoulder Seams

Shoulder Seams Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Joining shoulders seams on the machine creates a tidy seam and stabilizes the garment shoulders. This is the machine knitting version of the hand knitting to see full description

Seaming - Putting It All Together

Seaming - Putting It All Together Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Finishing - especially seaming can make or break a knitted garment. Here are 2 methods of seaming pieces together. Mattress stitch with 2 variations, to see full description

Perfect Jog-less Stripes

Perfect Jog-less Stripes Tutorial for Machine Knitting

One simple trick when working mattress stitch will produce perfect stripe seams ... guaranteed! UPDATE: Fellow knitter Diana, recommends working to see full description

Twisted Join

Twisted Join Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Join knitted panels neatly without sewing! This cable-look join is easy, adds dimension and style to your knitting. Great for machine knit afghans.

Raglan Seam Options

Raglan Seam Options Tutorial for Machine Knitting

There are many, many ways to add a decorative touch to raglan decrease seams. Make the seams the focal point of your sweater. Here are a few to see full description

Decorative Yoke Seam

Decorative Yoke Seam Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Add some interest when joining seams. Featuring our "waterfall" vest and duster, these techniques can add a designer touch to any seam

Setting In Sleeves on the Machine

Setting In Sleeves on the Machine Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Setting in set-in sleeves on the knitting machine is a popular way to get sleeves into armholes. It takes some practice to achieve perfection, but this to see full description

No-Bulk Seam

No-Bulk Seam Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Here's a no-bulk seam that only eliminates the "bump" but provides a more stable seam than working Kitchener stitch. It's great for shoulder seams.It's to see full description