Experiment with English Rib

Experiment with English Rib Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Is your ribber just gathering dust? Can you knit 1x1 rib? With just one small change, you can knit this beautiful, textured, wide fabric.Soft and
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Faux Garter Stitch Hems

Faux Garter Stitch Hems Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Here's a different hem treatment that is great when knitting highly textured stitch patterns like g-carriage or tuck patterns. Included are
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Tuck Lessons Learned

Tuck Lessons Learned Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Measuring and calculating accurate gauge when knitting in tuck can be problematic. Here are 8 tips learned the hard way
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Cut n Sew - Bands in Pattern

Cut n Sew - Bands in Pattern Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Consider using fairisle, tuck, slip, or reverse stockinette for bands with texture and contrast.

Stitch Types and Yarn Usage

Stitch Types and Yarn Usage  Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Stockinette, Slip, Tuck, Lace all make beautiful fabrics. Each has it’s own characteristics, but which one uses more yarn? Follow along on our
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Stitch Multiples

Stitch Multiples Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Multiple of 5 plus 1, Multiple of 3 plus 2. These indicators on stitch patterns can make or break the finishing on your garment. Take a few minutes to
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Tuck Basics

Tuck Basics Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Tuck got you stumped? This popular stitch pattern can be worked on any machine. The secret is UNDERSTANDING what is happening with all the settings on
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Afterthought Scallop

Afterthought Scallop Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Added to the side of a knitted piece, this edge provides a firm base for a soft scallop. Perfect for the front opening of a cardigan. Eliminate the
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Yipes! Stripes!

Yipes! Stripes! Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Add some interest to a plain knitting pattern with stripes. All of these examples are quick and easy with no programming necessary. Includes eyelets, simple
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Anatomy of Pattern Stitches

Anatomy of Pattern Stitches Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Machine knitters have a wide range of pattern stitches available to add texture, dimension and color to their knitting. The basics are stockinette, tuck, slip,
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Blister Stitch Tips

Blister Stitch Tips Tutorial for Machine Knitting

This is a "basic" knitting stitch, with practically unlimited variations. It is also known as Coin Stitch, Bubbles, Bricks, Blocks.Here are tips for success
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Tuck Lace on a Manual Machine

Tuck Lace on a Manual Machine Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Tuck with needles out of work (tuck lace) is a beautiful technique that can be worked on any knitting machine. Keeping needles out of work combined with tuck
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Short Row in Pattern

Short Row in Pattern Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Working short rows while knitting in pattern shouldn't be intimidating. Watch as we short row increase and decrease while knitting in tuck