Ribber E-Wrap Cast On

Ribber E-Wrap Cast On Tutorial for Machine Knitting

For a quick, stretch cast on, try e-wrap on both beds. This one is a little tricky, but many knitters love it. This technique offers an alternate wrapping
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Bands for Hemmed Cardigans

Bands for Hemmed Cardigans Tutorial for Machine Knitting

5 tips for adding buttonhole and button bands to cardigans with hems. Learn techniques for professional finishing.

Take off Live Stitches

Take off Live Stitches Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Use a hand knitting needle to remove all (or some) needles from the needlebed. Temporarily hold stitches: To reverse knitting (create purl
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Toes and Heels - Automatic Wrap

Toes and Heels - Automatic Wrap Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Learn to use short row shaping with AUTOMATIC wrapping to shape toes and heels of socks.

Hold Position

Hold Position Tutorial for Machine Knitting

"Place Needles in hold" Huhh??? For new knitters, especially hand knitters, this concept may be foreign. Let's explore the hold position and it's uses. We'll
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Partial Bind Off

Partial Bind Off Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Many times we are instructed to bind off a few stitches at the beginning of a row. For example, when shaping an armhole. What do you do with the last
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Favorite Bind Off

Favorite Bind Off Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Stitch thru stitch bind off that is worked so YOU control the size of the bind off stitches and the tension of the bind off edge. Make it as firm or loose as
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Figure 8 Bind Off

Figure 8 Bind Off Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Here's a loose bind off that can be used anywhere you want an extra stretchy edge. Consider using this as bind off for ribbing. Simply transfer the ribber
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Backward E-Wrap

Backward E-Wrap Tutorial for Machine Knitting

There are times when you need to e-wrap cast on from right to left. (or the opposite direction that feels natural to you). This is one skill that you need for
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Slip Cast on - Extra FAST!

Slip Cast on - Extra FAST! Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Use the slip setting on your machine for an extra fast closed cast on. PLUS use the cast on strand to quickly gather the edge ... great for knitting hats from
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Need to Tink?

Need to Tink? Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Do you need to rip? Frog (rip-it, rip-it, rip-it)? Tink (Knit backwards)? Here's a time-saving tip

Band Perfection

Band Perfection Tutorial for Machine Knitting

When creating bands on the machine, which comes first the band or the garment edge? Watch as we experiment with 2 methods of joining ribbed bands to a garment
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No Dropped Stitches

No Dropped Stitches Tutorial for Machine Knitting

"Remove 24 stitches on waste yarn ..." Why is it that EVERY time you remove stitches on waste yarn, stitches drop?This one little tip will save you
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