Gauge and Drop

Gauge and Drop Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Have you ever knit a garment that ended up too long? Do you measure your swatches flat? Watch as we play with gravity.

Using Gauge Rulers

Using Gauge Rulers Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Gauge Rulers (scales) are NOT machine specific! They are stitch and row gauge specific. Let's explore using gauge rulers with some mystery swatches and get to see full description

Get-Acquainted Swatch

Get-Acquainted Swatch Tutorial for Machine Knitting

You have a new to you yarn that you'd like to knit with and where do you start? Now the ball band may gave you some information about the suggested needles to to see full description

Swatching for Cables (shortcut)

Swatching for Cables (shortcut) Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Just like any other stitch pattern, cables impact stitch and row gauge. For accuracy, especially for an over-all cable garment, a large swatch in the cable to see full description

Troubleshooting Gauge

Troubleshooting Gauge Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Knitting a "proper" swatch is essential to establish gauge. Here are some examples of things that go wrong.

Tuck Lessons Learned

Tuck Lessons Learned Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Measuring and calculating accurate gauge when knitting in tuck can be problematic. Here are 8 tips learned the hard way to see full description

Swatching in Pattern Knitting

Swatching in Pattern Knitting Tutorial for Machine Knitting

There are a variety of techniques for creating swatches. Most machine knitters have their favorites. But what if you are working a stitch pattern? to see full description

Every other Needle Knitting

Every other Needle Knitting Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Often knitters will use every other needle to knit a heavier yarn on a standard gauge machine. Learn the why and how of this technique

Yarn Bias

Yarn Bias Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Sometimes a knitted swatch comes off the machine skewed. No amount of blocking or ironing will make it square. This tutorial offers tips for dealing with yarn to see full description