Knit - Don't do Math!

Knit - Don't do Math! Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Hand knitting patterns, vintage MK patterns, catalogs, the web ... so much inspiration! Use the Knit it Now Basics collection of patterns to create to see full description

"The Basics" - Custom Knitting Patterns

Your favorite basic sweater styles in one place! Choose the most flattering style for you Mix and match sleeve styles, necklines and body to see full description

What are Perfect Fit Patterns?

What are Perfect Fit Patterns? Tutorial for Machine Knitting

3 steps to creating Perfect Fit custom machine knitting patterns. Use ANY yarn, ANY machine and ANY stitch pattern. No software to install, learn or to see full description

Finding your Favorite Tutorials

Finding your Favorite Tutorials Tutorial for Machine Knitting

You watched a tutorial last week and want to view it again. How best to find it? Take a look at the many ways of locating and tagging your favorites

Add a Hood to Any Sweater

Add a Hood to Any Sweater Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Adding a hood to any sweater pattern can be easy. There are a few things to consider when designing a hood ... especially for machine knitters. This overview to see full description

Copy a Ready To Wear Sweater

Copy a Ready To Wear Sweater Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Follow along as we examine a ready-to-wear sweater design. Based on 3 criteria, we'll examine the possibility of knitting it on the knitting machine.

Sideways Knits Inspiration

Sideways Knits Inspiration Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Knitting sweaters from side to side is a refreshing change from traditional hem to neck knitting. The Knit it Now Basics "Sideways Collection" patterns to see full description

Waterfall Vest Adjust Length

Waterfall Vest Adjust Length Tutorial for Machine Knitting

The Simply Rectangles Waterfall Vest construction is unusual. Modifying the length of this garment can be tricky. Follow the logic and use the included to see full description